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Creating a fresh start for a video editing agency

Who is Viddy?

Viddy is a video editing agency for personal businesses. They offer a subscription pricing model for unlimited video editing each month.

The challenge

Viddy were in the process of changing their positioning from a general video editing service to a more specific niche but they hadn’t yet confirmed this. Their old website didn’t have a strong positioning statement, didn’t use strong persuasive copy, and didn’t give the impression of the high-quality service they offer.

The solution

Skies worked with Viddy to hone in on their target customer profile with extensive market research and establish a strong positioning statement that set them apart from their competitors. We then went through the full rebrand process including a clean, modern logo and a stunning new website packed with hard-hitting copy that speaks directly to the clients identified in the market research.

What we did

  • Market research
  • Positioning strategy
  • Logo design
  • Website copy
  • Website design
Logo design
Clean. Bold. Meaningful. And versitile. Viddy’s new logo was inspired by idea that their clients can “skip forward” past the hassle of editing their own videos and “grow” their businesses using video content with Viddy as their trusted parter.
Market research
In order to create a strong positioning strategy in the market, we first investigated the maket, analyzed the potential customers and competitors, and created a concise overview market research document that serves as a essential reference for all design and copywriting decisions.
Brand guide
To keep track of all of the design decisions we made, we created a Brand Guide that Viddy, and anyone who works with Viddy, can refer to to make sure their brand image stays consistent.
Website design
The perfect blend of clear, consice copy, elegant design, and all the right elements to get customers from unaware to interested.
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