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A new image for an established company

Who is Intromail?

Intromail is a cold email outreach service for B2B clients. They manage the whole outreach process including finding the emails, handling the technology required, and all the email copywriting.

The challenge

Intromail have a lot of experience in the market but had not updated their website for many years. Although they are email copy experts, their website copy wasn’t optimized for conversions and the design didn’t promote the quality service they offered.

The solution

Skies worked with Intromail to go back to ground zero to understand their target clients, what they struggle with on a daily basis, and how Intromail can resolve those issues. With a strong understanding of the awesome service that Intromail provides, Skies developed the copy for the new landing page and wrapped it together in a clear, colorful, professional design that perfectly represents the quality they offer their clients.

What we did

  • Market research
  • Positioning strategy
  • Logo design
  • Website copy
  • Website design
Logo design
We wanted to create something impactful and rememberable with Intromail. The flame plays on the idea of igniting new business deals with their clients, and the mail symbol helps to immediately show relevance to exactly how they create value.
Market research
In order to create a strong positioning strategy in the market, we first investigated the maket, analyzed the potential customers and competitors, and created a concise overview market research document that serves as a essential reference for all design and copywriting decisions.
Brand guide
To keep track of all of the design decisions we made, we created a Brand Guide that Intromail, and anyone who works with Intromail, can refer to to make sure their brand image stays consistent.
Website design
The perfect blend of clear, consice copy, elegant design, and all the right elements to get customers from unaware to interested.
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